Methodological literature and training manuals

1. Step by Step Program Methodology.

1.1 Birth to three
    a) Creating Child-centered Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers
1.2 Preschool
    a) Step by Step Program for Preschool
1.3 Primary school
    a) Step by Step Program for Primary School - part 1
    b) Step by Step Program for Primary School - part 2
1.4 Higher education
    a) Development of the Child's Personality
    b) Individualization of the Preschool Age Children
    c) Child-centered Curriculum
    d) Kindergarten-family Interaction
    e) Applied Research
    f) Learning through Play

2. Model Sites - Organization and Functions

3. Strategies for Improving the Pedagogical Process

4. The Play and the Child's Personality

5. Activities Directed to the Child's and Student's Personality

6. Educational and Working Process Directed to the Child's Personality

7. Comprehensive Methods for Assessing the School Maturity

8. Parent Advocacy

9. Inclusion of Children with Special Educational Needs

10. Anti-bias Training

11. Discipline

12. The Sexual Abuse - Jeopardy for Our Children

13. Stop the Violence over Children

14. Step by Step Program - Aspects of the Children's Development (practical students' works)

15. Safety and Security Notebook

16. Evaluating the Quality of the Educational Process